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Powder Coating is a superior protective coating for all metal products. It’s versatile properties make it ideal, for a variety of needs, both practical & decorative, for domestic and industrial purposes.

  • Aluminium & Steel Component
    Aluminium & Steel Component
  • Furniture
  • Paneling
  • Balustrade


You may choose from a huge selection of colours from online selector charts, with a variety of different finishes, textures, styles, special effects and protective coatings.

  1. What is the best way to coordinate colours between powder coatings and paints finishes?

    Special Powder Coating colours and finishes can be made on a Made-To-Order basis …Read more

  2. So which colours should I choose first?

    First choose the right finish or coating for your project then consider whether …Read more

  3. Which product or coating is best for my project?

    Follow the links below to choose product then look at colours online.…Read more

  4. How accurate are colour charts online?

    The best way to start thinking about colours is to use accurate up to date swatch samples or …Read more

  5. This is all very complex. Can I call Tech Powder?

    Yes you can! We’re here to help you. Contact us here


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    Aidan Mayfield

    My project was complex and I was very picky about what I wanted. The guys at Tech Powder were spot on!