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Powder Coating Colours

You may choose from a huge selection of powder coating colours from online selector charts, with a variety of different finishes, textures, styles, special effects and protective coatings.

FAQ Powder Coating

Special Powder Coating colours and finishes can be made on a Made-To-Order basis but due to the nature of the manufacturing process, minimum quantity conditions limit the possibility of non-standard colours to typically large or ongoing projects.

First choose the right finish or coating for your project then consider whether it is economically feasible to consider custom colours or will it be necessary to stay with with standard colours? It is recommended when choosing colour schemes that, if at all possible, the powder coating colour be chosen first as almost every powder coating colour or finish can be matched in a tint based paint system.

Follow the links below to choose product then look at colours online.

DULUX: To get started with exploring DULUX colours answer three simple questions on the Product Finder link to describe your project and a range of products will be identified as suitable coatings. Click on the Better or Best option to read about the optimal product, then click on Order swatch samples to see standard colours in that range or to order swatch samples. Colours viewed online will vary across the wide variety of monitor systems.

See the complete Dulux product and colour range.

INTERPON: We love and recommend this range of finishes but this online product and colour finder can take a long time to respond. Ring Tech Powder coating for a chat while you are waiting.Powder Finder

JOTUN: Go direct to the Jotun product and colour ranges Powder colours This site does not very clearly explain the different areas of application of various products Call Tech Powder Coating for more information.

OXYTECH: Go direct to Oxytec colour charts.

Not a lot of quick hints here about which product suits which surface, so to save time looking at a colour range that just won’t work for your job, just call tech powder coating to help and advise you.

The best way to start thinking about colours is to use accurate up to date swatch samples or paint applications viewed in both daylight and artificial light. Colours viewed online will vary across the wide variety of monitor systems and devices. This information is a rough guide only.

Tech Powder Coating have a full range of accurate colour swatches and samples available and with years of experience they can accurately advise you of the performance and qualities that any colour or finish may have over time when exposed to various environmental conditions. Every project is different. Trust us to find the best solution to your needs.