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If you looking for the best powder coating near me, do not look further than Tech Powder Coating, Sydney. 

Powder Coating is a superior method of providing a protective coating to all metal products for Domestic or Industrial Purposes. This includes coatings for doors, windows, fences, gates, balustrades, shutters and sun shades, vergolas, pergolas and various other architectural elements as well as car and truck parts and bodies and various other kinds of machinery. Powder Coating is a more durable and more environmentally friendly process than conventional painting.

We offer advice to help you choose from variety of different finishes for a wide variety of special needs and purposes. Select from an extensive range of textures, styles and special effects, including our new range of bronze, copper and brass anodising effects. A huge range of colours are available on our selector charts

Materials are sourced from Superior Suppliers such as Dulux Australia, Interpon (Akzo Nobel) Jotun Australia and Oxytech.

Tech Powder Coating is a Dulux Registered Applicator

Powder Coating is a dry coating process. The difference between conventional liquid paint and powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts of the coating in a liquid suspension. No need for solvent means the process causes less environmental damage and is more user friendly for workers

First the metal item is prepared for coating by cleaning including on-site sand blasting if necessary then chemically treating to ensure the surface is absolutely clean. The coating is applied electrostatically in a powder spray form and the item is then baked in a curing oven. This results in an attractive, high quality, smooth, hard paint like finish which is free from imperfections and actually tougher than conventional paint. Powder coated finishes are extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, adverse weather conditions and general wear and tear.

With years of experience tech powder coating are a Goldmine of information on new materials, processes and techniques and we are happy to share this knowledge with you to help you get lasting value out of your investment.

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